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  • Director Trevor sends Mungai Eve packing.
  • Mungai Eve’s You Tube channel has since been rebranded to KOM(Kenya Online Media).
  • Mungai Eve and Director Trevor worked as a couple in their joint online publication with the former as its face.

Netizens are still reeling in shock following Director Trevor’s move to send Eve Mungai packing. Already, Eve Mungai’s You Tube channel and Facebook page have been rebranded to KOM(Kenya Online Media) with her services no longer needed amid rumors of their break up.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Trevor shared the new development with an official statement set to follow the following day.

Upon being prodded if the new outfit will still have Mungai Eve as its face, Trevor flatly affirmed that her services were no longer required.

“Will you still be working with Eve?” flew a question.

“No her services are no longer needed in the following platforms

You Tube- 754k subscribers

Insta Fame- 104k subscribers

Facebook- 874k Followers” replied Trevor.

When Trevor was prodded further if he was no longer working with Eve, he replied with an affirmative.

Trevor and his new catch PHOTO Courtesy


You Tube Couple

Eve Mungai and Trevor shot to fame as joint You Tube couple steering content creation.

Trevor was behind the camera and other logistics involving preparation.

However, Eve was tasked with carrying out the interviews and was also the face of their craft.

From low subscriptions when they were starting out, the couple managed to wade through growing in leaps and bounds.

Like the old adage goes, more money, more problems the couple would start facing turmoil.

Their break up was highlighted during new years eve with Trevor said to have gotten himself another girlfriend.

Fans Reactions

Trevor and Eve’s split has since elicited mixed reactions with others routing for Trevor while some shifting their allegiance to Eve.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“She’ll rise up again in a short while. Her face was the brand”

“Nooo I’m not happy”

“Why you went on to hurt each other like this? Where there is a will there is a way”

“Kibe tano tena what a prophet”

“Love is a beautiful thing when you don’t have anything to show off once money is involved , it turns to be demonic”

February 19, 2024

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