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Disabled Artist Selling Sweets To Fund His Music Career


A 24 year old disabled aspiring artist has resorted to selling sweets in a bid to fund his music career and also eke a living.

Dennis Nthuli who sings gospel music has been hawking sweets at the Railways Bus Station for quite some time now.

Born on the 1st of June 1997, Nthuli became disabled after battling Hypocalcemia, a calcium deficiency syndrome which causes bones in a child to weaken and even sometimes break prematurely.

“As a child, it was hard for me to understand why my parents didn’t want me playing with the other children,” says Nthuli.

“So you would always find that I got hurt every time I went out to play,” he adds.

His legs might look feeble as he sits on his wheelchair but nothing about his willpower and personality is apparently feeble.

“The songs I write is just a way to express myself and also hopefully reach someone out there who might be going through the same,” says Nthuli of his music.

The graphic design on the disk of his music is well done which indicates that Dennis had gone the extra mile of maintaining standard quality for his art. That alone said a lot about the man.


Being a high school graduate, Dennis Nthuli would like to pursue a career in music. He mentions that he is glad about the reception he has received so far and if given the opportunity, would one day like to form his own band.

On political matters, Mr. Nthuli urges the citizens to remain one with the government so as to ensure a better tomorrow.

He would also like the government to embrace candidates of the disabled nature. Especially with the oncoming elections.

This way, Dennis feels his best interests will be considered by the government because “It takes one with the experience of disability to truly understand our needs.” He says referring to his fellow disabled Kenyans.

By Jack Odongo