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Disabled man on course to receive prosthetic arm

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Disabled man James Njagi has started the journey of receiving a prosthetic arm courtesy of the Majimaji Kenya Trust organization and Glaze Prosthetic.

Njagi who lost his left arm in a road accident about eight years ago has been jobless for almost eight years following his disability.

He says he lost a job after the supervisor realized he did not have one arm despite his ability to perform the task.

“I kindly asked my supervisor to allow me to carry 32 pieces as an additional 8 was heavy. The supervisor while hiring did not realize i only had one hand and so i told him. After that i have never received a call to come back to work but the rest who were my friends were hired and are still working,” he said.

He says he has had to deal with stigma since he lost his arm, a situation that has tormented him for long.

“People think that my arm was cut off at a crime scene when i was caught stealing. Whenever i enter a mamatu ladies pull their bags to safety. My daughter’s agemates describe her as the daughter of the man without an arm,” narrates Njagi.

Glaze prosthetics offered to give Njagi a prosthetic arm after an appeal made by Majimaji Kenya Trust – a non profitable organization.

On Saturday, Glaze Prosthetic started the process of giving Njagi a prosthetic arm when he visited them.



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