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  • Musician Noti Flow meets her new man on TikTok live.
  • The two then meet physically hours later and it was love at first sight.
  • However, the artist discovers that the man she had fallen for was still in high school.

Female rapper Noti Flow has shared her recent experience where she discovered that the man she had fallen for was still in high school.

Taking to her Instagram page, the musician opened up about her experience after the two had actually had their first meetup after interacting through TikTok live.

Noti Flow initially shared a video on her TikTok, recounting the story of their first date.

The video showcased their joyful moments, including locking lips in a taxi on their way to their destination. However, the beauty’s excitement turned to disappointment when she discovered the truth about her new man.

Noti Flow revealed that the man she was with, Edris, was a 22-year-old who was still attending high school.

“He would have finished high school at 20 but didn’t get the grade he had anticipated and so he went back to Form 3. Now he’s in his last year. He told me this a day after we had met. After I’ve already posted the video. Boy was devastated. He thought I was very mad at him and probably won’t talk to him,” she said.

She expressed her disappointment upon learning about his age and educational status. Noti then explains how she felt after finding out that the young man she had fallen for was much younger than her.

New Man Is Worth The Wait

Despite the initial shock, Noti Flow displayed understanding towards Edris.

The artist then revealed that he had gone back to Form three after not achieving the desired grades to complete high school.

Noti Flow admitted that she forgave him and promised to wait for him, expressing that if their feelings were genuine, then waiting for him to complete his studies would be worth it.

But I’m a very understanding human. He called me and apologised and explained everything. He said his feelings for me were real even though everything else was not. So I forgave him and promised to wait for him. December ain’t far if the feelings are genuine,” she said.

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