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  • Several burials were disrupted following Demos.
  • The workers says they have not been  paid for the last 5 months


Nairobi County Government casual employees working at the Langata cemetery have today stage demonstrations demanding five month pay.
They have not been paid  as from the month of April this year to date.
“Tumekaa miezi tano bila kulipwa na tunafanya place kama hii…wamekuwa wakituambia kuwa wanalipa hiyo imekuwa wimbo kila siku tumechoka na Sakaja tunalipa rent aje bila pesa.Tunakula nini hizi miezi zote.” A worker said.
“We have been doing this job with all promises the county officials do not care anymore is a promise after the other .. we have bill and we must also eat how do we survive this is ridiculous and tormenting too.” Another employee said.

The  workers closed roads forcing the police to lobby teargas canisters to disperse them.
The demos disrupted the normal operations of of the cemetery and busy  Langata road with those who were going to burry their love ones blocked at the entry of the cemetery.

“We have been here for several hours trying to access the cemetery but that has not happen because they blocked everywhere plus the teargass and chaos.This is a disrespect to the dead and I think both side should come up with amicable solution so that we don’t experience this kind of confusion.” One of those who went to lay their loved ones to rest said.

County Government Response

Meanwhile the County Secretary Patrick Analo has assured the workers that they will be paid in the next one week.

“We were in that transition process to a new financial year and right now nothing much was happening at the county because of that…so I want to assure them that the county government will be paying them in the next week without fail and they should give us  some time to do that,” Analo said.

September 20, 2023

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