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Dj Arika “Kills” Conjestina Achieng,Yet Again (Pics)


conjesTowards the end of last year,someone insinuated that Kenya’s once celebrated-now ill female boxer,Conjestina Achieng was dead. The rumor had been stirred by Conjestina’s willingness to help a thief being beaten by a mob alongside Kisumu-Busia highway when the mob turned their wrath on her and started beating her as well.

However,days later it was confirmed that the 39-year old Conjestina was alive and kicking. The death rumor was a hoax as it turned out to be.

Ever since Conjestina was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, a chronic mental illness in which a person loses touch with reality, Conjestina has been unable to work and provide for herself, wondering around and showing people on the streets how she used to fight.

The condition has reduced the once a country champion to nothing,worse still leading her father to the graveyard. Her family has lost it all and she has become a village’s laughing stock not to mention living in abject poverty back in Siaya county.

So just like last year, Conjestina has been “Killed” again,this time by a relatively famous party who might have the leads to the truth or just another mere malicious rumor.

It is through his Facebook page that popular street Dj Arika announced Conjestina’s ‘death’ yesterday night at around 11.20pm. In the post,Arika doesn’t mention what actually led to the alleged demise of Conjestina.

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“THE BOXING LADY CONJESTINA ACHIENG HAS PASSED ON A FEW HOURS AGO.. RIP..God rest your soul in peace!!?,?” wrote Arika.

Arika’s claims were later echoed by a Facebook User by the name Polaso Msafi an hour later.

” It is with sorrow that I have learnt about sudden and shocking demise of our own superstar;Conjestina Achieng NYAGEM.She succumbed yester night while receiving treatment . Surely death fears no bound and it has snatched Kenya an heroine that brought much glory to our country.My deep felt condolence goes to the family for siring not only a multi winner boxer but also a voice of inspiration to the girl child.May her soul rest in eternal peace.
NIND GI KWE NYARWA,” captioned Polaso.

As it turns out Conjestina is still alive. Can someone do something about her case,for Christ Sake?????

Check out the screenshots claiming she is dead below;