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  • DJ Bone’z maintains that he’s yet to come to terms with Kamene’s smoking habit
  • Kamene Goro reveals that she’s cut smoking cigarettes since she married Dj BoneZ

DJ Bonez has revealed that he is struggling with the smoking habit of his celebrity wife Kamene Goro.

Speaking during a podcast with comedian Obinna and Kamene, the celebrated entertainer maintained that  he detests a woman who smokes cigarettes.

“To be honest ile struggle nafight sana…I don’t like women who smoke cigarettes, smoke anything else,” stated Bonez partly

On her part, Kamene Goro admitted to smoking cigarettes while stating that she had cut down her smoking ever since she tied the knot with Bonez.

“Bonez struggles with my habit with smoking cigarettes i won’t lie i smoke but I’ve significantly by the way come down since i met him,” stated Kamene.

Kamene further added that she smokes on rare occasions like when she’s stressed, angered or partying.

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Angry with friend smoking

“So siku hizi yani unless am stressed, you pissed me off or tunapiga sherehe,” she explained

In addition, Kamene maintained that smoking in her house is out of bounds and she recently got agitated after a friend smoked in their house.

“Even in the house ngumu sana juzi kuna msee alikuja hapa akavuta sigara tuliboeka sana,” she added.

DJ Bonez and Kamene Goro wedded earlier this year, April 20th in a private ceremony only attended by family and close friends.

Kamene donned a flowing off-shoulder pink dress while DJ Bonez wore a pink coat, black pants and a white shirt.

Some of the notable figures who attended the wedding included youthful parliamentarian Jalang’o and DJ Kaytrixx among others.

Recently Kamene caused a stir when she washed sardines popularly known as Omena while cooking them.

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