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DJ Chara lays his wife to rest


Ghetto Radio’s DJ Chara on Saturday laid his wife to rest in Imasukuta, Butere, Kakamega County.

The somber event was attended by Ghetto Radio staff members including Managing Director Majimaji.

DJs from other sounds including Blingiton sounds also attended the funeral.
Grief stricken Chara gave a beautiful eulogy of his wife of 17 years.

“I met my wife in 2003, and in all those years, we have never had major issues. Lillian was a soft spoken and kindhearted lady. I will miss her,” said Chara.

Chara who has been left with two children including a now one month old baby, asked the mourners at the funeral to lend him a listening ear whenever he asks for advise on how to raise them.