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DJ Crème De La Crème Reunites With Wife, Regrets Saying Marriage Is A Scam


Popular Deejay Creme De La Crème has confirmed that he has reunited with his wife Denise after last year’s separation.

The DJ says that he regrets saying that marriage is a scam adding that all that was said was based on emotions.

He also said that his actions have cost him a lot and does not have the right answers to give his children when they see the video.

With time nikajua manze nilifanya blanda kubwa sana especially hiyo kusema marriage is a scam. Honestly, hiyo ni emotions and I highly regret. Imenicost vitu mob, unaimagine watoi wangu wakikuja kunionyesha YouTube video kuniuliza daddy mbona ulisema marriage is a scam. So somethings personally naweza explainia watu that ilkuwa based on emotions,” he said.


He went ahead to explain that every family has a challenges and how they deal with those challenges is all that matters.

Unajua kwa kila relationship au ndoa, kwa times uko kwa your worst ndio unaona ule mtu ni the worst enemy. The time has a way of healing things unakam unajifirkia unajiita mkutano unajiuliza mbona ulikasirika pia yeye anakaa chini anajiuliza mbona amekasirika. Unajua baada ya mda unarealize you cannot do without the other person,” he added.

Crème thanked God for reuniting his family which is currently living together.

Familia inaendelea fiti, wamerudi home wamesettle. Goid is gracious enough manze akanirudishia familia yangu. It is an amazing feeling. Tuerudiana ata ako huku nyumbani na naangaliwa vizuri nitawacha kukonda vile nilikuwa,” Crème said.

He however refused to give details on how they reunited and said that them being together is all that matters.

In July 2021, the DJ went to his Instagram feeds and wrote how marriage is a scam prompting Kenyans to think that they have separated.