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DJ Evolve’s Dad comes to Babu Owino’s defense terms him ‘a good man’

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DJ Evolve’s father John Orinda has come out to defend Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino.

In a video that has been widely shared, Orinda senior termed the lawmaker as a good man who has been supporting his son despite facing charges of shooting the DJ.

Mr. Orinda stated that the legislator has been in constant communication with the family after the gun drama that saw the DJ spend months in hospital.

He further added that the DJ has shown signs of improvement since he was discharged from the hospital a few weeks ago.

Vile aliingia kwa nyumba naona iko improvement na iko dawa analetewa, yule anayeleta hizo dawa ni Babu Owino. Nurses wako naye mchana na usiku na hao pia ni Babu Owino aliprovide. Naona kama Babu Owino si mtu mbaya sana ingawa hatujakutana naye tuongee lakini hajapotea,” he said.

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Orinda further called on netizens and the Kenyan media not to subject the lawmaker to criticism saying that it gradually affects both him and his son.

Earlier this week, the DJ and his mother were interviewed by NTV in a segment that led netizens to call for the prosecution of the member of parliament.

In the interview, DJ Evolve’s mother narrated how her son’s unfortunate situation has changed her life forcing her to even quit her job to take care of him.

She further added that the lawmaker had cleared  a total of seven million out of 17 million before the Dj was allowed to be transferred for home based care.

She insists that she is still waiting for the court to deliver justice for her son even as she maintains that she maintained that she has never met the legislator or spoke to him.