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Dj Katta Fires back at Ezekiel Mutua over Mbogi Genje tweet

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Kenya’s number one gengetone deejay Eugene Ojiambo alias Dj Katta has called out moral cop Ezekiel Mutua.

In a post shared online, Dj Katta responded to Mutua’s recent rant on Mbogi Genje’s songs.

Dj Katta questioned why the moral cop is always quick to ban content from gengetone artists yet has never offered any controversial group some solid assistance.

Katta who is Ethic Crew’s official DJ pointed out that gengetone has greatly reduced the level of crime because the youth have found an avenue to work.

“With all due respect @dr.ezekielmutua why do you always come up with this excuse of protecting content, why do you always wait for this artists to struggle their way up so you can identify and pull down what you claim as dirty content, whose child are you protecting and finally what measures have you taken to train and educate this young talents on how to make what you think is good music? For your information most of this young boys and girls have found a better place to work out their minds instead of crime, I swear the rate of crime has reduced since #gengetone opened doors for so many young talents whom even end up contributing their hard earned money just to produce a single song, you have managed to ruin a group’s music career and dreams,” he wrote in part

Katta further questioned how Mutua only finds fault in artists once their numbers go up.

He went on to call the KFCB CEO to organize workshops to mentor the youth rather than always castigating them.

‘You were such a setback to @ethicentertainment music career, where were you since @mbogigenje started off? only to wait for them to hit a million streams so that you can come for them. Please assist this youth in creating better content, send your people to train and do workshops, kwani kazi yako kwa ofisi daily ni gani kando na kuburn content. We need long term solutions and not intimidations from you. #EzekielStopKillingYoungTalents” Katta concluded

Katta’s response comes hours after Ezekiel Mutua shared a tweet asking if Mbogi Genje’s parents are proud of their lyrics.

”Those kids who do Kidungi and Mbogi Genje or whatever, whose kids are these? Are their parents proud of them? Those kids who sing dirty things or post their n…des on social media, whose kids are they? Don’t they have parents?” Mutua wrote.


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