If the month of January was hard for you, well that’s not for celebrated Kenyan disc jockey Samuel Mwangi popularly known as DJ Lyta who’s a proud owner of a brand new Honda salon car.

The news was made public by dancehall artist cum businessman KRG The Don who posted a video on his Instagram while closing the deal with DJ Lyta at an upmarket car showroom,Yohana automotive.

“Congratulations @djlyta enjoy your new ride chokosha kabisa muzeee!!!!Tumefurahi kufanya biz na wewe” wrote KRG partly.

KRG who’s known for his big talk with the phrase ‘mambo imechemka’ went ahead and popped the champagne in congratulating DJ Lyta.

Fans joined the commentary section and congratulated Lyta for the new machine.

“Congratulations on your new ride 👏👏” shot one fan

“DJ Lytaaaaaaaaa hot grabba 🔥🔥🔥🔥” shot a second.

DJ Lyta himself also replied to KRG’s statement affirming ownership of the car.

“Big things Poppin 💯💯🔥🔥” wrote Lyta.

However others felt it was another usual clout chasing moment from the entertainer’s.

👏Hii ni cinema “wrote one fan

“Haka kajamaa kameclout chase na clout haiskii si Wakenya muwe na huruma please” flew another comment

“Alafu upate ni marketing ya automotive 😂😂😂😂” appeared another comment.

DJ Lyta is a self made entertainer who rose to the limelight after his mixes ruled the matatu industry and breaking into the mainstream media.

He’s had collaborations with both upcoming and established artist’s,he continues to enjoy a good run from his tight roster.

The new year seems to be Lyta’s year,we wish him well in his endeavors.

By Steve Osaka.

January 31, 2023

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