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Dj Mo and Size 8 finally reveal how they handled the cheating allegations


Celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo have finally addressed the infidelity allegations leveled against DJ Mo last week.

In their latest episode of Dine with the Muraya’s the couple revealed they talked about the whole scandal and aired it out.

Size 8 revealed that she even booked a hotel room and left the kids in the care of someone so that they could go and talk.

They described last week as one of their toughest week filled with drama.

 “Watu walisema ohh umefukuzwa, people can say stuff, but one thing about all this is that I was with my wife,” dj mo said

To which his wife Size 8 affirmed saying: “I felt like we need that time alone and put god in the center of everything. I looked for a room and i made sure the children have a minder and we spent the whole night praying asking god to defend us. Most people did not believe me or understand what i did they thought this was the time i was to bash dj mo and throw his clothes out of the window. I did not want this thing to break him or destroy him or whatever the devil wanted to do. I looked at him and said I want to love him the way Christ has loved me. He was shocked by the way.” She said

Her hubby Dj Mo said that he was shocked the way she handled the whole thing at at one point even though she may be planning against him.

“My wife is telling me, it is okay, relax i have even booked a place for you. I want us to go and relax. I thought, ‘wait, what is she planning?’ i thought unanipangia ndio unimalize. Because it is abnormal. We went, we talked and prayed together. The whole time i was like, wait, can someone be this good? But the whole time i felt, i have a wife, someone who stood with me all this time.” He added