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DJ Mo denies bribery allegations, provides proof


Just hours after upcoming artist Nexxie accused gospel deejay Mo of accepting a bribe from him and even providing an Mpesa screen shot to back his claims, the deejay has finally come out to call him a fraud.

Deejay mo shared with his fans how the singer was seeking fame for all the wrong reasons and was even willing to pay him Ksh.20,000 just to make people believe he had taken the bribe.

Responding to the allegations, DJ Mo shared screenshots of another M-Pesa message indicating that he sent back the money to one Joyce Kinyanjui, who is Nexxie’s manager.

Mo says he met Nexxie in 2017 and the singer explained to him how he wanted to be famous with Mo advising him against the move.

“I don’t ask artistes for money to play their music” stated DJ Mo while accusing Nexxie of creating the scandal in order to get fame.”

If money is sent to me so as to push a song on any of my platforms, I refund it” added the DJ.

In one of the screen shot conversations, Nexxie asks Mo to just accept the money despite the fact that he returned it so that some people could believe Mo is a fraud for Nexxie’s own benefit. When the deejay refuses his move the singer goes off topic and wishes him an early birthday.