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DJ Mo on fathering Pierra Makena’s baby girl

Their babies have striking resemblance


Gospel deejay Mo has denied rumours doing rounds that he fathered Pierra Makena’s daughter Ricca.

Rumor began when fans of the two deejays began noticing a striking resemblance between Dj Mo’s daughter Ladasha Belle and Pierra’s daughter.

Mo was the first one to admit that he had heard of the comparisons between the two children, saying that he had eventually learnt to cope with the rumors.

“I am actually used to these things, but no, I am not the father,” He said

He went on to say that he and Pierra are good friends and they have actually laughed out the rumors about their children being siblings as netizens put it.

“Pierra is actually a good friend of mine and the other day we were laughing it out like “How did this happen? Maybe through Osmosis” ‘. He added