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DJ Pierra Makena responds after being trolled for fake deejaying


By Annette Amondi

Female deejay Pierra Makena has finally spoken after being trolled for hours about fake deejaying.
Pierra had uploaded a video of her deejaying during the Jamhuri day celebrations and online detectives allege that her equipment was not even plugged in.
Pierra now says she has not business duping Kenyans with fake tactics.
“If anything, I am the one who uploaded that video on my Instagram page. I am not stupid to upload that video when I know I was duping people. I wouldn’t post it if that was the case.” She said
She added that anyone trolling her should know she still banks her cheque.
“I owe no one an explanation because none of those people who are trolling me online pay my rent or feed me and my family. Let them continue making noise online while I continue depositing money to the bank and paying my bills.” She said