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DJ Pierra Makena sues socialite Mishi Dora

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Female deejay Pierra Makena was last week involved in a heated exchange of words with Nairobi socialite Mishi Dora over an alleged body shaming remarks on a whatsapp group.

The deejay seems to have sought legal action after Mishi savagely attacked her on Instagram following claims that Dj Pierra started the beef.

“B****leave my fu***ng life alone.  Why you so bitter with me?? Am I the one that your baby daddy le­ft you for and got married to? A beg if I’m sexy or not how is it your cup of tea?? Wewe nahiyo mwili yako sexy siuliachwa tu bado n mimba kama Mimi?? Go fix your life before trying to fix others.” Mishi wrote

It is alleged that Deejay Pierra called the socialite fat and unattractive in a group they are both on.

Pierra said the said number used in the group was not hers and that whoever attacked Mishi was an imposter.

However the deejay decided to handle the matter through her lawyer saying she will not be dragged into a matter she is not aware of.


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