Dj soxy roasted for his choice of dress at groove awards

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By Annette Amondi


Jackson Kamau, popularly known as Dj Soxxy has been on the receiving end for pulling a stunt during the just concluded Groove awards 2018.

The gospel Dj, who was hosting the Groove Awards appeared on stage wearing similar outfit as Aggie ‘the dance queen’, known for the hit song Short And Sweet by Sauti sol.

Taking it to social media to celebrate how happy he was to finally learn the Odi dance, Dj soxxy evoked mixed reactions among his fans.

Fans questioned why he was in an attire that was featured in a secular song while other just simply wanted to know why he was dressed so feminine.

“What a disappointment. Is a secular world and award show. Jesus must have been sad looking down at everything going on. Nothing glorified God or brought him honour. The devil was surely happy. Search your heart brother, do not allow yourself to be yoked together with such people in such a manner. I’m sure the Spirit told you it’s not right but ignored and went ahead….It’s not about pleasing man, but God. I’ve really sad,” wrote one user

The deejay then hit back at the fan saying he had actually consulted pastors before pulling the stunt.

“I actually consulted a number of pastors for advice before I did this stint. I don’t just get up on stage and do without soul searching. Either way thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated. Baraka,’’ he responded.