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Djs to pay for special broadcast licenses. Diamond, Tanasha force Mwijaku to eat a humble pie. Here are this week’s top stories

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In the wake of many online live shows thanks to miss rona for closing up entertainment joints, deejays have been among the many online entertainers going to the extent of grabbing the attention of the Kenya Copyrighst board (KECOBO). Gengetone artiste Exray of the Boondcks gang also decided to show fans just how much he loves his first lady Wangui. Here are this week’s to stories.

  1. Deejays Vs. KECOBO

On Wednesday the Kenya Copyrights board (KECOBO) issued a statement asking deejays to obtain special broadcast licenses before performing in a virtual show.

According to KECOBO, any deejay who plays music on a live platform is acting as a radio station and needs to obtain a special permit.

“When a DJ creates a live stream and starts broadcasting music to the Internet, he has become a radio station. He needs licenses from copyright owners or Collective Management Organisations (CMOs),” read the statement in part.

The statement ignited a fury on social media forcing KECOBO to clarify the matter.

In a revised directive KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei said that DJs affiliated to licensed business premises will not be required to pay to live-stream their music sets.

He said that disc-jockeys who perform at venues that have obtained a Collective Management Organization (CMO) license will not pay a cent.

Those who have, however, not paid will be required to fork out Sh10,000 annually or Sh750 per event, payable to CMOs as a tariff per gig or license.

“Recorded music in many jurisdictions is subject to rights management information monitoring technology that enables owners to account for its usage on digital platforms,” read the statement from KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei.

  1. Smitten Exray

Boondocks gang member Exray left tongues wagging after revealing that he recently tattooed his girlfriend’s name.

In a post shared on his Instagram account, Exray shared an image rocking the name ‘Wangui’ on his arm

The image also showed his lady’s arm which she has tattooed ‘exray’

“Standard of relationship ?? We can’t beef kaa yenyu ni boyfriend na girlfriend” he captioned the image

Online critics were quick to tell the singer that he made a wrong move and that he will regret it.

In a separate post Exray shared a video getting the tattoo and called out his critics for attacking him.

“Kamati ya roho chafu?… Sipia mueke tattoo ?” he said

  1. Size 8 Broke Bien’s heart when she got saved

Gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 broke a lot of hearts when she saw the light back in 2013.

At the time she was one of the best female artistes in the secular industry with an unrivaled kind of energy.

The switch-up hit her fans like a sudden storm and now, including Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza says he was one of those who were disappointed by the move.

According to Bien-Aime, Size 8 gave up a huge amount of money when she saw the light and he could not believe someone can actually do that.

“Nilikuwa disappointed hio time, because sijawahi ona mtu akiwalk away from pesa hivyo. Yaani ni kama alichukua milioni kama 50 akaweka kwa choo na akaflash… huyu dem aliokoka in the middle of a tour,” said Bien.

  1. Harmonize pays homage to Diamond

Bongo star Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize warmed his fans’ hearts after paying homage to Diamond Platnumz.

The two artists have been rumored to be having bad blood but Harmonize went ahead to prove that he still holds Diamond with great respect.

In a recent online gig dubbed ‘Konde Gang Live’ Harmonize went on to play Diamond’s hit Jeje.

The singer who was the host and dj of the live show even went on to hype up the song.

The video got the attention of Diamond and was even shared on the Wasafi TV Instagram page and fans gave shout outs to the singer for showing love to his ex-boss and friend.

  1. Diamond and Tanasha feed Mwijaku a humble pie

Tanzanian actor Mwijaku has been forced to issue an apology after publicly claiming that he fathered Tanasha’s son.

In a past interview, Mwijaku claimed that Tanasha’s son is his blood adding that he refused to take a DNA test because he didn’t see the need considering he was sure the son is his.

Following his interview that went viral, the actor was summoned by authorities following a complaint filed by Diamond’s lawyer.

Tanasha also recently revealed that her lawyer was in the process of serving Mwijaku.

“EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE LOUDEST NOISE SIS. You know EMPTY? He will be receiving a letter from my lawyer soon. Let’s see if he’ll still be as enthusiastic by the time he’s in court,” she said

Mwijaku has now been forced to swallow a humble pie and issue a public apology.

Diamond’s lawyer allegedly gave the actor a timeline to apologize failure to which he would be charged.

Mwijaku now says that his words were taken out of context and that he did not mean that the child was biologically his.

“Mimi niliposema Naseeb Junior Mtoto wa Diamond na Tanasha mtoto wangu, tena Damu yangu, nyinyyi labda mli-interpret negative. Mimi ni mtu wa Kigoma, Diamond Platnumz ni mtu wa Kigoma. Tunaposema sisi watu wa mkoani hasa watu wa kigoma sisi ni Ndugu kwa hiyo mtoto wa Mkubwa Mwenzio ni mtoto wako. Mtoto wa mkubwa mwenzangu sio mkubwa mwenzangu. Na sisi watu wa mkoani mtoto wa mwenzangu ni wakwangu. Kwa huyu ni damu yangu kwa sababau mimi na Diamond tunatoka Kigoma japo sio Biological lakini ni damu yangu kikabila.

Lakini hii pia inategemea sio wote wanaamini mila na desturi za Kitanzania. Kwa hiyo labda niliposema sema huyu mtoto damu yangu kuna wale walioelewa tofauti. Labda wakasema huyu anaposema sema hivi basi huyu mtoto ni Biological wa kwake, lakini si hivyo, sio Biological wa kwangu. Kwa hiyo nimuombe Tanasha radhi and wakenya pia waniwieradhi maana mimi ni mtu wa mkoani naishi kutokana na mila na desturi zetu maana sikusema kwa ubaya” He said


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