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DMX’s sister shares emotional trauma and abuse DMX endured

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By Steve Osaka

Rapper DMX’s sister Roxanne Shante has shared an emotional story of trauma the legendary rapper went through in his childhood.

A sobbing Roxanne explained that DMX’s terrible upbringing led to the kind of life he picked that eventually led to his cocaine addiction and run ins with law enforcers.

Roxanne says that his mother had abandoned the star in a children’s home never to be seen again.

DMX later turned to the streets trying to find his way out, turning to crime and drugs to seek solace.

“When he was younger his mom had taken him to a home, a children’s home and said they were just going on a visit and she left him there. He was too little to understand how to deviate himself, too little to take care of himself from everything else, but he did and survived,” said Roxanne.

Having also been brought up by cruel foster parents herself, Roxanne had to endure the hard life.

She says it now pains her seeing people write negative things about her and his brother not knowing what they really went through.

“I went through some f**** shit early in life, I went through it when I was not supposed to.. And it’s just so hard when you see people say mean things, doing mean things and even when you’re online people are posting and saying negative things,” added Roxanne.


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