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Do Not Lower Sex Consent For Girls To 16, CS Kariuki Says


Health Cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki has called on members of parliament not to pass any law that seeks to lower the age of sex consent of girls to 16 years.

Kariuki has described the conversations seeking to lower the consent age for girls as retrogressive and will lower the gains made in fighting early child marriages.

Kariuki says that lowering the age consent will also introduce young girls to early marriages.

“It is important that we do not go back on the gains that have already been made by introducing some conversations which have bothered me in the last few months,” said Kairiuki.

“The issue of the consent of age for girls, for heaven’s sake let’s not be retrogressive, let’s not speak of our young girls being introduced to early marriages at ages younger than 18, only retrogressive communities would allow such conversations,” she further stated.

Recently the court of Appeal asked parliament to come up with a bill that will lower the sex consent for girls to 16.

The issue has since been received with mixed reactions from Kenyans with some supporting it and some opposing it.