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  • Optiven’s CEO George Wachiuri’s mother could not afford Kshs. 20 for his and family’s education.
  • Heavens shut on him, lost all his savings (Kshs. 5M) and friends save for wife and the pastor.
  • Life however turned around after 1 year. He is now committed to community work and real estate business. He helps people buy legit land to as low as Kshs. 149,000 targeting the youth.

“For five days straight, we went without food at home. My mother Teresa Nyawira Wachiuri had no income. It was not easy to see my mother cry!” George narrated.

He comes from a family of eight, raised by a single mother after their father, a teacher passed on in 1976.

For Kshs. 5 pay as a family they tilted land for survival.

Mama Teresea Wachiuri, George’s mum. PHOTO Courtesy

George Wachuri is Optiven’s Founder and CEO who asserts that business is not all about money but about touching hearts. He advises that one needs to use God’s resources to make other people smile.

Do you agree with him?

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George’s Love and commitment to Education

George Wachuiri and the Family, Mama Teresia at the back. PHOTO Courtesy

George Wachiuri rose from grass to grace.

Call him for an educational contribution and for sure he will turn up!

“If you call me for a harambee for school, I will support because of what I went through my secondary learning. I also know the importance of education.” George commits.

Through the mum’s sacrifices and community contributions, George completed his secondary education successfully.

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As a family they focused on education to transform their lives and the community stood with them, always turning up with contributions no matter how small.

This inspired him to work harder in his studies. His love for education is cultured at Optiven where through the foundation they support hundreds of students across the 47 counties.

Career Turning point.

George was passionate about teaching but changed his mind when choosing a university degree course.

“I saw my friend from a wealthy family chose Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and I emulated” He jokingly admits and by God’s grace he studied at Kabete Campus.

At the campus, he washed people clothes, took pictures and run a social library to raise money for his university education. This ultimately would earn him a trophy as the most entrepreneurial student in the campus.

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Now a job seeker for fear of going back in the village, George hand wrote 300 job applications which landed him his first job as an accountant at Uchumi Supermarket.

He worked at Uchumi for barely 2 years before he was fired for being talkative. He moved to Kakuma refugee camp in charge of logistics, World Vision in Somalia, and lastly in United Nations Sudan.

In 2008 he resigned and chose to venture into full time business.

George’s Venture in real Estate, that turned to his lowest moment in life.

George and team groundbreaking one of the lands for sale. PHOTO Courtesy

George had saved enough to venture into business. For every earning, he committed 10% for savings, 10% tithe, 10% Insurances and 70% he used. While in the 10-year employment he managed to save Kshs. 5 million.

He figured his entry point would be a land in Sabaki, Machakos County. He paid his entire savings only to realize it was fake. He lost Kshs. 5 million!

For the 1 year he was broke, life was tough. He lost all his friends save for his Pastor Rev. Philip Gatundu and the wife who is his biggest supporter. He could not even afford Kshs. 50 for bus fare to town from Imara daima in Nairobi!

He purposed a deep prayer, carrying his Bible, notebook and pen at Uhuru Park.

“God if you give me money again, I will serve you, I will keep tithing, I will be humble and will serve the community.” He kept praying but felt the heavens had shut on him. He was back job seeking but there was no opening.

After a Church prayer, he says doors opened through an idea of becoming a land agent. He approached the first client who agreed to let him sub divide and sell the 5 acres. In record 3 months, he sold all plots majorly to his Church community!

Not only did he pray hard, he worked hard day and night.

Fast forward, Optiven was born and within it Optiven foundation was entrenched to serve the community with the committed 5% off the profits made. He has also committed revenues from the book he has authored for community work.

Helping people fight poverty by owning land.

George’s Optiven life and personal leadership mentorship cohort. PHOTO Courtesy

“I don’t like poverty; I hate to see people poor. I know what it means to have and to lose money. I wouldn’t want one to experience that.” He committed with pain and passion.

Besides mentoring people every Thursday, through Optiven he has land for everyone but most importantly, anyone can now afford to buy land.

They have developed the most comfortable arrangement and affordable price targeting especially the younger generation.  

“At Kshs. 149,000 one can now get ¼ an acre of legit land.”

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From his first loss, George swore to impact integrity in real estate with emphasis on land ownership.

Feel free to contact him through Optiven office on 0790 300 300 for more information.

So, do you think one really needs God to make money?

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