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Doctor Orally Rapes Woman During C-section


A Brazilian doctor Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was caught on camera putting his penis in a pregnant woman’s mouth while she was sedated in preparation to undergo a C- Section four days ago.

Staff members set up the hidden camera after realizing that the patients were too weak to hold their new borns after surgery. The doctor is said to have given high doses of anesthetics to the woman exceeding the required capacity.

The 32- year was arrested and is behind bars as investigations of the incident take place. He was ordered to undergo detention and is on isolation confinement in Brazil’s largest prison, Bangu while the case is still under study. The police are further investigating two other women who had already carried out similar procedures that day to know if anything happened.

The hospital sacked the doctor and reports say that the hospital is in full support of the victim and the family to make sure the family receives justice.

The video of the doctor doing the awful act is on you tube and has been circulating on social media platforms more so on tiktok.


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