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Does Singer Jaguar Have A Son? (Pics)


ja‘One Centimeter’ hit maker, one Jaguar is a loving family man despite his busy schedule that involves juggling his personal businesses, music and running a top government office with NACADA.

Like Nameless, Jaguar has two daughters with whom he is fond of and will show up on public along with. The daughters, Tamara Njagua 5years, and her 2-year-old sister look so alike not saying the striking resemblance they take from their dad Jaguar.

It is not sure whether the daughters share their mums but one thing for sure is that- daddy loves them equally.

And oh, i just stumbled on his Instagram account and spotted this photo he is holding another kid, a baby boy this time around. Could he be his son or not?

Well, the baby boy doesn’t resemble him like the daughters do but he does from a keen comparison.

Whether he is the son or not, y’all will agree with me that Jaguar is one celebrity who have always made you envy being a father….especially you men.

And in case you have  never seen him spoil his little ones….thank me later;

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