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‘Don’t leave your man coz he can’t perform his duties in Bed’ Betty Bayo


Gospel singer Betty Bayo has urged Kenyan ladies not to leave their men because they can’t perform in bed.

The singer shared her two cents in a post on Instagram list a number of reasons women should not use to leave their men.

In her post, Bayo also listed being  broke as another reason women should not ditch their men.

Attention!!! TO ALL WOMEN. DONT leave your man coz he got broke. DONT leave your man coz you got richer than him.DONT leave your man coz he can’t perform his duties .in bed. DONT leave your man coz of Peer pressure .DONT leave a man coz his going through shame instead stand with him. Dont leave a man coz of social media.” She said

She urged ladies to only leave if the man no longer has interest and has expressed it.

The singer asked ladies to quit staying with men who are no longer interested arguing that it only worsens the situation.
“LEAVE A MAN ONLY when HE TELLS YOU WITH HIS MOUTH TO LEAVE..don’t force yourself it will cause more harm .. . my sister livuuu obedient is better than sacrifice. ..” she added