The girls 11-12 years old category of the Junior Golf Foundation Local Tour at Vet Lab Sports Club had to be decided by a second play-off match after two players were tied at 81 points.

Sophia Nesbitt and Kanana Muthomi were still tied after the first play-off round and had to go to the second play-off round to decide the winner.

Sophia Nesbitt picked up three birdies and played seven level pars to end up with 81 strokes. For Kanana, she also picked three birdies and an impressive eagle at hole 14.

“My play today wasn’t the best but I had an eagle and a few birdies and that saved me a bit. But I knew around the greens I would be way better,” said Kanana.

“I played quite well and got three birdies and quite a few pars, although number 17 I  didn’t do so well and I four putted and it let me down, but I was ok,” said Nesbitt

The two players played level par at the first play-off hole. Nesbitt was way off in the second playoff hole having overshot the fairway. But then she drove her shot through a gap in the trees to land her shot five yards off the hole.

“It was one of the best shots of my life. I two putted then Kanana three putted which means I won the play off and this competition,” concluded a beaming Sophia.


September 5, 2023

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