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DP Ruto on the spot for hosting a clueless Bishop at his home – VIDEO

The Bishop at Ruto’s Karen residence yesterday

Deputy President William Ruto has received a backlash from netizens for hosting what people call as a clueless bishop at his Home in Sugoi yesterday.

Netizens have branded the bishop as a fake bishop after he brazenly misquoted the bible while addressing the DP and other people that had congregated at Karen.

The Bishops video doing rounds online has him stating that King Solomon’s stone killed Goliath while according to the bible it is David who killed Goliath.

“Mawe ya King Solomon alikuwa mawe moja, aligonga Goliath mara moja pa!” the Bishop is heard saying.

The Bishop further referred to the DP as a medica doctor  who should give injections in a gentle manner.

On the issue of referring to Ruto as a medical Doctor, it is not clear whether he was being metaphorical since Dr. Ruto only holds a Doctorate degree in  Plant Ecology at the University of Nairobi (UoN).

“Daktari wetu tibu watu kwa kipoooole… weka dawa, weka sandani, kwa kipooole,” the Bishop stated.

Check out the video;