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DPP Noordin Haji says being a Kamagera is not a crime


Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji has slammed  the police  who have been arresting Matatu touts popularly known as Kamagera  and labeling them as criminals.

According to  Haji touting is not a crime and therefore the police should not arrest any bus stage attendant.

‘’Kwani kusema Kayole! Kayole! Kiambu !Kiambu! ni mbaya?  Hawa watu wanajitafutia lakini wakinyanganya abiria ndio mbaya [Is saying Kayole kayole Kimabu Kiambu  unlawful?  These people are just earning a living that  act is not against the law, If at all they rob the passengers then they can be arrested but if not, let  them be’’ He said

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Haji on the other hand pledged to write to inspector general of police Joseph Boinet to move with speed and investigate crime fighter Hessy, a police officer  believed to be posting pictures of crime suspects on social media and later on killing them.

‘’I am writing to  Inspector general  to immediately launch   investigations over this Hessy issue, there is no law which supports extrajudicial killings.’’ Haji stated.

He was speaking in Kayole during a meeting with  local leaders,police and pressure groups.