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DPP Nordin Haji explains why DCJ Philomena Mwilu has been arrested


Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu was today arrested and will be arraigned in court after being linked to collapse of Imperial bank and tax evasion.

According to the  Director of Public Prosecution  Noordin Haji, they have enough evidence linking  Mwilu to the crimes committed same and on taxes, she has defaulted since being a judge at court of appeal.

‘‘We have enough evidence in our possession to prosecute her and thats’ why she has been arrested,’’ Haji stated.

Noordin also revealed that  he informed the Chief Justice David Maraga before  the arrest of Mwilu.

‘‘I informed CJ Maraga on the arrest and it was a show of respect to the Judiciary as we all know that the Judiciary is most protected and independent  arm of the government.’’ He added.

Haji on the other hand  distanced himself to be acting on executives’ directive and that the matter in not politically insitigated.

He  reiterated that the law will apply both side and he will ensure that  even those at the top and are involved in corruption  are  arrested and charged in court.

‘‘Kenyans should exepect intense war on graft  going forward and we are here to protect the interest of Kenyans according to the law,’’ Haji noted.

Mwilu become the first top judiciary official to be arrested over corruption.

The fate of Mwilu as deputy chief justice now  hang in the balance with fact that she will not be suitable to hold any public office after being charged.