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DPP responds to Pastor Ken Gomeri ‘sexual predator’ accusations


Director of public prosecution has asked the public to provide information regarding the scandal surrounding youthful pastor Ken Gomeri.

Ken Gomeri has been making headlines after he was accused of taking advantage of young girls.

“If you have information and evidence relating to the same please send it to,” the ODPP tweeted

A lady only identified as Purity took to social media to expose pastor Gomeri for trying to solicite sex from her and her friends.

“I’m going to do a thread of our (me and two of my friends) experience with Pastor Ken Gomeri,” she wrote in one tweet

The lady then went on to narrate how after running into pastor Gomeri at Thika road mall he tried to have sex with them.

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“Please note that I’m not trying to discredit him or get him arrested, I’m just coming out with this story because our silence may have enabled him to take advantage of more girls.” She added

“The first red light was on the same night, he called and asked to come over to our house at around midnight, but, it’s Pasi (Pastor), we didn’t think much about it. Next morning, we leave, so it’s Ken, his friend (man) and three of us girls, going to Nyeri in his infamous Subaru,We decided to spend the night in Nyeri because it was really late at night. Now that’s where we started getting scared. He insisted that we’ll all sleep in one room because he didn’t have the money I guess. It had two beds so we thought it would be us girls one bed, boys together,”she said

Purity went on to narrate how the pastor refused to sleep on the same bed with his friend instead insisting that the girls sleep with him on one bed.

She further narrated how, during the course of the night, Gomeri tried to touch them inappropriately while talking about “how turned on and hard he was.”

“Next morning he continued trying to have sex with us, touching is inappropriately, talking about sex and how disappointed he was. We drove back up to Nairobi, I was dropped off first but two of my friends went with him, he was supposed to drop them off in Roysambu, So, they ask if (he) remembers their house in Roysambu. He says yes and it’s agreed that he’s taking them home. Next thing they knew, they were in Kasarani. He insists they need to eat supper at least. On getting to his place, it’s packed with people (his team that does mission). This put them at ease. But then in 5 minutes everyone leaves. This just leaves them, another male and him. He gives excuse after excuse as to why they shouldn’t leave. That they need to sleep over. When they finally put their foot down he got so upset. The other male in the house ended up taking them home.” She narrated

Pastor Gomeri had earlier on responded saying that Xtian Dela who owns the Telegram post that shared the story was just out to tarnish his name.