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DPP Takes Sensitization On Plea Bargaining Arrangement To Kisumu

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The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in Kisumu County has launched its sensitization on plea bargaining and diversion policies in Nyanza region today morning.

A plea bargain will have cases of offenders sorted at the office of the DPP.

The three day sensitization will enlighten the prosecution and other stake holders including the EACC, the Judiciary, prisons and probation departments on what the new policies entail.

While addressing the press Mr. Sebastian Mutinda, Senior Assistant Director at the Office of the Directior of Public Prosecutions says that they will sensitize all the staff within the county and afterwards visit various penal institutions throughout the week.

“The plea bargain will help the offenders to plead and have their cases sorted at the office of the DPP and both the victims and the accused are involved,” said Mutinda.

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“The plea and bargain will help us deal with serious cases that requires much attention as the petty cases can be solved out of court,” said Mourine Odumba, a prosecution council and the regional officer.

So far the office of the DPP has already handled 10 cases under the plea bargaining arrangement in Kisumu County.

“I can recall that the diversion policy was launched to in 2019 where they realized that it would be less costly to handle petty offence cases at the ODPP instead of letting the police stations handle the cases,” further stated Odumba.

The office of the DPP says it is determined to minimize the time frame of court cases at all levels in the county.

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