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Dr. Ofweneke In Huge Trouble After Wife Nicah Exposes Him For Battering

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Dr Ofweneke with wife Nicah

Domestic violence has been rampant in the recent past. Unlike a decade ago, men are also falling victim of the same although women still suffer most in the hands of their spouses.

Having that in mind, social media has stirred an online uproar over  Dr. Ofweneke’s controversial marriage and battering expose.

Screenshots doing round on social media  are doing more harm on the rocky marriage all because the wife, a local gospel artiste Nicah the Queen couldn’t take it anymore.

Nicah took to her Instagram account a few hours ago to expose the husband of battering her savagely. She appears to spot a black eye and swollen lips in the photo she shared with the caption;

” Domestic violence is such a bad thing……I had to walk away…….I had to run……yes I’m a single mum of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids…….”

However, the photo looks old. She spots long hair whilst she is currently rocking a short hair do. Wigs exists though.

The post has garnered mixed reactions from her 51,000 fan base or better still followers. Whilst others support her, others accused her of malice, seeking attention and using the wrong platforms to present her grievance.

To prove how her husband has been cold and heartless to her and the kids, Nicah defended herself to @mjerry81 with this;

“Looking for attention?OMG……They say mnyonge hana haki!but I serve a God of justice……. @mjerry81 you know better,you used to come home and help pack his bags and tell him he is a celebrity he can get any woman he wants…….came to Tuskys the other day with the kids trying to talk to him coz all I wanted was my marriage to started to drizzle I asked for his car keys atleast watoi wapate place ya kujikinga mvua but what did you do @mjerry81 you refused to give us the keys drove his car left me and the kids to be rained on!!!I dint have taxi money I dint have anything…..then you have the guts to comment what you commenting??????”

Dr. Ofweneke, the Nairobi Diaries’ show host, an event Mc and Comedian has since not addressed the charges allied against him.

Should it be remembered that this is not the first time the couple is exposing their dirty linen in public. In 2015, the two stirred controversy after Nicah claimed Ofweneke was cheating on her with a local socialite.

Rumors has it that one of Nicah’s two kids ain’t Ofweneke’s a possible reason why the two keep fighting.

And oh, just learnt that 9 days ago- if anything on her Instagram is to go by- Nicah received a birthday cake from a secret admirer! Guess this wasn’t taken politely by the husband…..but wait a minute, i think she said she is a single mother.

So what’s the fuss about??? Chances are Dr. Ofweneke has nothing to do with this.

So much controversy!

Check out screenshots doing rounds;



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