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  • Drake’s son Adonis stars in video for surprise single, ‘8AM in Charlotte’
  • In the video Adonis refers to his dad as  ‘Daddy GOAT’

Canadian rapper Drake is in an thoughtful mood on the gospel-tinged surprise track “8AM in Charlotte,” which he just dropped from his new album dubbed For All the Dogs.

The  track rides on a brief beat and finds Drake backed by a soulful choir as he flexes about his nine-figure lifestyle while dropping an awards show-worthy list of A-list names.

The video for the track co-stars the rapper’s five-year-old son, Adonis, who opens the five-minute visual by showing off a cute drawing he made for his dad.

“Tell me about your beautiful piece of artwork that you sold me,” Drake says to his son, who goes on to describe a tale of a goat running away from monsters amid images of flaming flowers, race cars and jail stairs.

“Daddy’s name is next to the goat, does that mean that he’s the GOAT?” he wonders. “Yes, so it’s Daddy GOAT,” Adonis confirms. Drake then jokingly asks Adonis how much he earned for his beautiful drawing.

Then dad gets to business, rapping, “Preachin’ to the dogs about wantin’ more for themselves/ It’s weighin’ heavy on my moral scale/ Knowin’ they gon’ sell another citizen ‘cane, they think they Orson Welles,” in the visual in which Drizzy sports colorful hair curlers, baggy black vinyl pants and a jacket with a series of colorful V’s on it.

In one shot, Drake sits surrounded by a group of men, and Adonis, all wearing black shirts that read “Hate Survivor.”

The Adonis cameo is fitting, since Drake revealed last month that his son’s line-drawing of a pooch would be the cover art for his upcoming For All the Dogs album, which is due out on Friday (Oct. 6) and is expected to also include his SZA collab, “Slime You Out.”






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