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  • Drake offered 21 Savage his first ever international gig marking a milestone in the rapper’s career.
  • 21 Savage has been fighting deportation issues in the US.
  • It was a wrap for Drake’s tour “It’s All A Blur”.

Drake offered 21 Savage his first ever international gig in Toronto, Canada marking a milestone in the rapper’s life.

This was a closing chapter for Drake’s “It’s All  A Blur” tour.

The Atlanta rapper was earlier denied admission into Canada on Friday.

However, Saturday saw the rapper finally in Canada.

This was also seen as another chapter being closed on Drake’s career.

With an emotional atmosphere written, Drake was blown off while inviting 21 Savage to the stage.

“I know you got it cued up, when he gets up here you play the song I told you to play. We gotta welcome him home. My brother is home tonight” Roared Drake.

Drake and 21 Savage performing in a past show PHOTO Courtesy


Deportation Issues

21 Savage has been facing deportation issues in the US for a long time now.

He has also been unable to travel out of America for the same reasons.

However, It seems that there’s light at the end of the tunnel as he scored big with an international performance in Toronto.

Drake and 21 Savage have a long history of friendship and it was good seeing them together.

Amid applause, 21 Savage made it to the stage as an overjoyed fan draped him with a Canadian flag.

The show kicked off with Drake followed by an interlude from a British actor.

He spoke about 21 Savage making his return to his homeland, England after being granted his US residency.

21 Savage had issues with his papers giving him a hard time in his stay in America.

21 Savage’s performance in Toronto was indeed a blessing.

The two have collaborated on songs like Spin Bout You, Calling For You and Knife Talk among others.




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