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Drama as Kisumu Boda Riders Form Procession To Escort Uhuru


There was drama in Kisumu County today as boda boda operators surged President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade in a bid to escort him.

The thousands of operators closely followed the presidential motorcade to the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium in Mambo Leo.

Police were forced to quickly move in and disperse the operators who were closely following the presidential motorcade.

Meanwhile Deputy President William Ruto was also given a warm reception in Kisumu’s Kondele area.

Ruto who in the past has received hostility seems to have warmed himself into the hearts of the residents who cheered him as he headed to the stadium.

The deputy president in return did not disappoint the Kisumu people. During his speech he got to speak  to them in the Luo.

“ Watu wa Kisumu Dala, Watu wa Kisumu dala, amosou jothurwa untie, jokananyanam untie, jothurwa umor?( Kisumu people are you there? The lakeside people are you there? The Lakeside people are you happy?)” said Ruto.

Ruto then went ahead and addressed a crowd of people in Kondele area.