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Drama As Landlord Removes Roof Of Tenant’s House, Takes His Belongings


A young man in Huruma area is appealing for justice after his landlord illegally evicted him from his house two weeks ago.

Kelvin Ngomo says his landlord first removed the roof of his house after only giving him a two week notice to vacate the house.

“When he first came to evict me, asked him for an eviction notice to which he responded by asking if i am Luo, because Luos are the people who like following the law to the latter, but then i told him to just let me be a Luo and fight for my rights,” said Ngomo.

“Then on 14th of October, i went home only to find the roof of my house gone, the landlord had removed it,” he states.

Ngomo a matatu conductor says a few days after removing his roof the landlord only known to him as Wambugu then broke into his house and took all his belongings.

Ngomo says he has lost everything including his mother’s death certificate and other school documents.

“It is then that i sought the help of the Sonko rescue Team, upon which they asked me to send Ksh. 2000 for them to help me address my issue,” he adds.

People allegedly from SRT swindled Ksh. 2000 shillings from him in the name of assisting him to get his household items back.

The landlord could not be reached for comment.