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Daily life in Mathare, one of the poorest slums in Nairobi. Running water and electricity are scarce and trash and human waste fill the streets. Many people have no jobs and those who do work can earn less than one dollar a day.

Drama as Mathare woman whips Son In Law as wife watches

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There was drama in Mathare after a woman beat his son in law over alleged infidelity.

The woman is said to have waylaid the man who is reportedly in his late 50s after he was accused by the woman’s daughter that he had started pursuing young girls in the area.

Eyewitnesses say the woman repeatedly beat his son in law with a rod while her daughters were watching.

“This woman is in her 50s, seriusly beat the man with a wooden rod. She claims that she had started cheating on the daughter and had started pursuing younger girls,”she said.

Her daughter’s efforts to have the mother stop beating the man fell on deaf ears.

“We highly condemn this incident. The woman should have at least reported the man to the police station and got him arrested. Beating him like this in front of her daughters is a shameful act that has not earned her respect from her children,” she said.

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