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(VIDEO) Drama in Mutindwa as traders struggle to salvage their property from demolition

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Traders of Mutindwa market are in a dilemma after the road side market was demolished early this morning by the Nairobi City County officials for being considered illegal structures.

According to one victim, the traders were given a notice years back.

He said that they did not receive any notice or information on this morning’s demolition and that they are unaware of what is to be constructed.

“We are frustrated as the youth since hustling is hard nowadays.They will just demolish and leave.We don’t know what is going on since they have not told us anything.”

Another victim said that the market has been there for many years and has been their sole source of livelihood.

She said that the government is a big let down as they are suffering even after voting for the leaders who ironically, are supposed to make their lives better.

The traders now remain stranded as no compensation has been offered to them.

“We have orphans and widows here.This is where we get food.Will we go and eat at the State House?The government is really letting us down.We don’t know why we voted.”


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