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  • The police was charged 60 shillings bus fare yesterday.
  • Police officers lead by their station boss lead the arrest including undressing the suspect.

There was drama at Nairobi area traffic police station entrance  after police officers from the station arrested a  Nairobi Metro Trans driver who asked transport from one of their police.

According to the sources who spoke to Ghetto Radio news,one of the stations police boarded a matatu in civilian clothes and the driver charged him transport fee which they suspect led to his  arrest.
” Yesterday the police officer  boarded a matatu from town and the he was charged bus fare like other passengers and police have arrested him see how they are harassing him,” said a passenger.

The  angry eye witness who saw the incidence, accused the police for  unlawfully  handling the driver .
” Polisi walikuja kutoa driver kwa gari tukienda tao wakamshika na kumuangusha chini kwa mchanga wakaanza kumvua nguo na kumfunga kumfunga mikono nyumba kwa Pingu,” said another eye witness.

Passengers who had boarded the bus are stranded at the station by the time we are going on press.

By Jeremick Joe

September 26, 2023

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