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Drama As Suspected Thug Chains Himself On Top Of Street Light – VIDEO


Drama was witnessed along Jogoo Road near Uhuru Market after a suspected criminal chained himself on top of a street light to escape an angry mob.

The incident drew hundreds of residents causing a traffic snarl up along Jogoo Road.

The suspect had earlier on clung to a tree in his efforts to avoid arrest. As the tree branch was cut by a power saw, the thug swiftly made his way to the street light which was nearby.

County fire fighters tried in vain to mount a ladder on the street light to aid in arresting the criminal but it didn’t yield fruits. At one point, the thug dismantled the electric cables rendering the street light to go off.


A determined team splashed him with water, still the culprit could not give in. He apparently swung with the cables back to the tree. More water was splashed on him as another team shook the tree before he finally tumbled down.

Police had a hard time as they restrained irate wananchi who wanted to lynch the suspect.

He was later bundled on to a waiting police truck ending the hour long incident. The man is suspected to be among a group of muggers who waylay passersby and motorists in the dead of the night robbing them of valuables.

By Steve Osaka