Drama As Taxi Driver Accuses Singer Ringtone of Death Threats …See Why. (Pics)

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ringtone“Tenda Wema” singer and a veteran gospel musician has given us  endless reasons why he should revoke his faith since his continuous alleged actions do not go hand in hand with his public identity as a man of God.

Well, I don’t understand why the media can be so unfair over and over to a particular artiste. Something must be wrong somewhere or then I’d say Ringtone is too attached to his faith, that the Lord keeps bringing him temptations to test his faith…hmm.

So, in a new twist of events Ringtone is on the receiving end for allegedly threatening to cut a taxi driver with machete.

This is according to edaily.co.ke;

“The driver, identified as Dan Kibogo, says the scary ordeal started when he got a taxi request near Jevanjee Gardens, Nairobi city center.

Upon arrival at the pickup point, he found that five clients wanted to be ferried to Runda estate. Because they could not all fit in his vehicle, they hailed a second taxi.

He ferried the passengers to Runda police station. They requested him to wait for them, so he parked the car outside for nearly two hours.

“I was waiting in the car before they came back and told me to drive them to a nearby residence,” he recalled.

Kibogo took the guests to their destination – an upscale apartment building in the exclusive suburb, and that is where things took a turn for the dramatic.

The driver claims that soon after his clients alighted, the singer, in the company of uniformed security guards charged at him.

“They started throwing stones at my cab. They said that they will get a machete and slash me,” he said, adding: “I immediately sped off and took to Runda police station to report.”

Upon receiving calls from our source, seems Ringtone had a different tale to give.

“I was called by a neighbor that there were people who were cutting my fence,” he said. “So I mobilized security guards to come to my rescue.”

The singer added that the culprits thought he was not at home.He has since recorded a statement at Runda police station,” as edaily.co.ke further reveal.

So whose story should we trust? Bare in mind this isn’t the first time Ringtone has been linked with death threats. In 2015, Ringtone was allegedly accused of forcing a girl he allegedly impregnated to abort- which she didn’t. Rumors has it that the resemblance between the “Pamela” singer and the 11 months baby is undisputable.

Tenda Wema Nenda Zako might be acquiring a whole new meaning I suppose.