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Drama ensued at Gatwekera area in Kibera slums on Wednesday when the local administration raided brewing dens and poured over 4,000 Litres of illicit brew including 60 Litres of Changaa.

Kibera sub county Commissioner Gideon Ombongi told Ghetto Radio that it was just a start of a painful operation exercise to thwart the brewing of illicit brews and   drug abuse in the area.

“We have launched our operation and we started at Gatwekera area were we poured over four thousand liters of Kangara and 60 liters of Chang’aa.  It was a painful exercise but we managed to run our operation successful,” Ombongi told Ghetto Radio.

According to Ombongi more than 17 people have been arrested over different cases that are linked to illicit brewing and some were drunk.

“Over 17 people were arrested during a tough operation. Some were drunk while others were found with the brew. Two people were operating bar without license and also selling Chang’aa in their bar without considering constitutional time,” he added.

Ombongi has called his people to stop involving themselves in brewing Chang’aa and selling of drugs in the area since he is not ready to relent on the painful operation that he has begun.

“I’m calling for the brewers to change same to drug dealers because we are not going to stop this operation it is just a start. Alcohol kill generation and it ruin good moral,” he added.

A hardworking Deputy County commissioner has vowed to deliver Kibera residents from consuming illicit brews and to save future generation.

By Jeremick Joe – Kibera


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