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Duale slams members of Parliament over Hypocrisy


National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has asked MPs to stop hypocrisy in their threats to impeach Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich over the new fuel tax.

Duale was addressing the public in Barsaloi, Samburu North when he asked MPs to stop cryingcrocodile tears regarding the fuel matter.

The Garissa Township MP said Rotich is just implementing a law that was passed by Parliament in 2013 to help the government finance the 2018/19 national budget.

“MPs are now crying, stop shedding crocodile tears, wananchi have a right to cry but you MPs stop your hypocrisy because if you approve a budget in the House you must provide in the Finance Bill how that budget will be financed,” he said

Duale said the 16% VAT law that came to effect on September 1 on all petroleum products had been suspended twice since 2013 adding that he had turned down requests to recall MPs from recess to discuss the VAT that has seen prices soar as it is not legally procedural.

“The MPs passed a bill suspending implementation of the tax law on petroleum until 2022 but as at now that bill is not a law without a signature from head of state,” he said.