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E- Sir 17 years On, The Legacy lives on

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It is exactly 17 years since Issah Mmari Wangu popularly known as E-sire passed on in a grisly road accident.

The singer who lit up airwaves in the early 2000s was just at the peak of his career before the cruel hands of death plucked him from the face of the earth.

Fellow star Nameless and E-sir were traveling in the same car on the fateful day.

The two were on their way back to Nairobi from a concert at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru when they were involved in an accident.

Veteran singer Maji Maji described South C’s finest as a very humble soul who related well with everyone.

“The late and the great E-sir. He visited me in Dandora back in the day. I took him to the studio but his talent and what our producer wanted were two different things so we agreed he should pursue his talent with producer Lucas. Before we knew it, he was the next big thing and in no time he was a big thing. He was like a brother to me. We went through alot together and the one thing I remember about him is that he was very humble.” He said

Maji Maji also described E-sir as the bridge that brought together Kapuka and hip hop music in Kenya.

“E-sir proved that you didn’t have to be a hardcore artist to be concidered a hip hop artist. He was the bridge between Kapuka and Hip hop in Kenya. If you take E-sir’s songs today and remove the Kapuka beats he is a hip hop artist. His legacy was great and he played a huge role in crafting today’s music scene as well.” He added

Veteran singer Nameless aslo penned a tribute to the fallen icon narrating how much he misses him.

Nameless in an Instagram post, shared how E-sir understood the Kenyan music industry and how to play the game.

“If only?… Missing you bro.Today it’s been 17years since your left us with your inspiring legacy!! You understood synergy at a very young age. You understood the market very first, you understood your gifts and passion and used them well. You achieved your purpose and your spirit lives as you continue to inspire new generations. your spirit energy was about love and thats why people love you so much. As I continue to evolve I begin to understand your role in my life. Thank you for being part of my inspiration.?????? #LegendsNeverDie #RememberingEsir17yearsON @isahmmari … Hiyo tweng sijui ilitoka wapi? ama ni juu tulikuwa tunapromote states tour??‍♂️. Alafu kimbele yangu ya kuannounce Album ya Esir before consulting ??‍♂️?.. nothing but love.?♥️” he wrote

Netizens also shared memories of the fallen icon across social media platforms.

тɦɛ ӄιռɢѕʟɛʏ Trident emblem: @Its__Kings E-Sir’s Mos Mos still slaps almost two decades later. A legend.

Baba Abigail @FranQ80: in memory of E-SIR …17 years now and you still live in us

Keya Kinuthia: @keyakinuthia: E-sir! A day like this years ago. Still not forgotten.

E-SIR: @apir_d Amid this corona pandemic.. this day, 17 years ago..kenya Lost one of  the greatest icons to ever grace our entertainment industry. E-SIR.





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