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Eastleigh matatus stop M-Pesa payments over reversals


By Magi Kadzo

A number of matatus plying the Eastleigh route have stopped receiving passenger fares through M-Pesa.

According to the matatu conductors, some passengers have been reversing the M-Pesa transactions once they alight the matatus.

“Tukianza watu walikuwa wazuri sana lakini sikuizi mtu analipa na M-pesa halafu anakuonyesha message ya transaction, akishuka tu hivi ndio huyo ashafinya *456#. Sa sahii hatutaki maneno na M-Pesa,” said no.4 matatu conductor.

With such mischievous behaviors from the passengers, some matatu operators plying the route have decided to ban M-Pesa payments.

“I hope hakuna mtu analipa na M-Pesa, hatuchukui M-Pesa. Kama huna cash enda ukawithdraw,” Mogaka is heard telling passengers boarding the matatu.

Mobile money payment system in matatus was one of the suggestions made by the Ministry of Health during the first outbreak of COVID-19 in the country in March 2020.

The method was supposed to mitigate the spread of the disease by reducing the handling of cash.