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Eastleigh mechanics accuse MCAs of grabbing their land

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A section of mechanics in Eastleigh today held demonstrations to protest an alleged land grabbing of their space at Eastleigh third Avenue.

The mechanics accused area MCA Fuad Hussein of master planning the land grabbing with some land cartels in the area.

The mechanics accused the MCA of showing up with a fake court order in an attempt to evict them.

“We received information that there was a court order telling mechanics that they are supposed to leave the place. When we investigated further, we realized that the court order had not been served to the mechanics themselves. So it raised eyebrows,” said David Odhiambo, Eastleigh Residents Association Chairman.

“The MCA came and told us that we were supposed to leave the place and that he was the rightful owner of the land that we had occupied for years,” said Hussein.

The mechanics for the better part of the day engaged the police in running battles who had been given instructions to evict them.

“MP Yusuf has had a zero tolerance on land grabbing and that is the stand we have to date. I want to assure these mechanics that we shall not let land grabbers take away the land they have been using to put food on the table for their children to go,” he said.

They have also urged the police to stop aiding land grabbers in performing the heinous acts.


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