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Eastleigh  Residents Demand Food From The Government after Three days In  Lockdown


Eastleigh residents are now asking the government to provide them with food saying that their income has been halted by the on-going lockdown in the area and they are starving.

Led by Hustler Nation chairman Mburu Kimani the residents say the lockdown has adverse effects on their livelihood and they can not even access  their job places outside Eastleigh.

‘‘We want food ,the government should see a way of  helping  us because we  no longer go to work and eating a single meal is currently a problem to mos families.’’ Mburu Told Ghetto Radio News.

He further asked the government to change its tactics saying imposing a lockdown to contain the spread of the Coronavirus can’t be sustainable when there is no food .

‘‘Like Eastleigh most of the families residing here are less privileged  when you lock them up and you have nothing to give them then you are doing worst things  in their lives than Corona nobody can stay without food.’’ He said.

Meanwhile the group through   Eastleigh Resident Association has delivered their petition today morning  at Kamkunji assistant commissioners office to demand prompt action towards  their grievances.