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Eastleigh residents live in fear of cholera



Residents of Eastligh have now raised concern over contaminated water in their taps and possible cholera outbreak in the area.

According to  the resident they have been receiving contaminated from their taps a situation that has left many get diarrhea linked diseases.

David Odhiambo 3rd street resident says  they are now being forced to buy clean  water away from the area.

‘‘We have been receiving dirty water for the last two weeks and we have tried to speak to Nairobi water company but all in vain,this is serious and  health officers need to do something before worse is witnessed.’’ David said.

In February  one person lost his life in a suspected cholera out-break  in the area. The residents linked the same with dirty taps water that the deceased took.

Odhiambo has also  called on Nairobi county health department to dispatch a team  and contain the situation before more harm.

Meanwhile our calls to  Nairobi City Water and  Sewerage Company managing director  Nahashon Muguna went unanswered.

April last month Nairobi County Health Chief Officer Washington Makodingo said that so far, 14 patients with cholera symptoms have been admitted to different hospitals in Nairobi since City Hall issued an alert warning of a possible outbreak.He said major cause of the same was contaminated water.