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Eastleigh Residents Seek Govt Support To end Land Grabbing

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Eastleigh residents have now raised concern over the grabbing of public utilities including playing grounds and social halls in the area.

According to Eastleigh Residents Association secretary David Odhiambo the vice is overwhelming and the perpetrators are allegedly area politicians, land cartels and influential businessmen.

‘‘For the last five years we have lost about 10 playing grounds with only one remaining. These people are so organised, they come with court orders, police officers who give them protection and even documents generated at county level,’’ he said.

Eastleigh Market, Eastleigh Social Hall are some of the public utilities that have been grabbed by private developers.

‘‘We reached a partnership with the developer that they construct a building where Eastleigh social was located and thereafter, they give the community one floor to be used as a social hall but later the developer disconnected the electricity and water and it is currently in a dilapidated state,’’ he added.

In 2016 Office of the Ombudsman revealed that Eastleigh market was leased unlawfully by then mayor the late Dick Wathika and that the public was short-changed.

‘‘The investigation has revealed that officials of the defunct City Council of Nairobi unlawfully aided Ali Sheikh Mahamud and Farah Mohamed Barrow associated with Alfa Traders to acquire the same parcel of land in 2007. Specifically, we found former Deputy Town Clerk Nelson Otido and the late Hon. Dick Wathika who was serving then as Mayor culpable of abuse of power for signing the lease without following due process,’’ the report read in part.

They now want the National Government to rescue them from land cartels in Eastleigh before the situation becomes worse.


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