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Eastleigh residents stranded after armed goons demolish their houses


A section of Eastleigh residents have been left stranded after armed goons showed up at their door steps today morning and started demolishing their houses.

The residents claim that the goons started demolishing the houses without giving them any notice or time for vacation.

Dennis Mogaka says the goons were conducting the demolitions  under the protection of the police and the area OCS.

“I was called from work by my wife who told me that our houses were being demolished. I tried asking the police what was going on but no one was speaking to us. The OCS who was here told us that he was following the law. So i am wondering which law they were following by demolishing our houses without notice,” said Mogaka.

Felistas Moraa who has been a tenant in the plot that houses about 10 families says she lost more than 4,000 shillings to the goons during the demolition and her property was also destroyed.

“We woke up to do our normal house chores only, i was doing laundry and some of my neighbours had finished only for the goons to show up at around 10 and start demilishing our houses, apart from the 4,000 shillings that got lost in the drawer, some our property got destroyed in the demolitions,” said Moraa.

The owner of the building was not available for comment and neither was Pangani Police Station OCPD Alice Kimeu.